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3 Tips for Surviving the Vitamin A & E Supply Crisis

A supply disruption of Vitamin A and Vitamin E has led to higher prices, presenting a clear challenge to nutritionists and feed formulators in many markets around the globe. Here we examine the role...

How the Antibiotic Growth Promoter Ban Affected the Swine Industry in Korea

These numbers show how the swine industry dealt with the ban on the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) that became effective in July 2011.

How Creep Fed Beef Can Boost Calf Growth and Your Profits

By supplying young calves with supplementary feed, it’s possible to increase growth rates towards their maximum potential, and reduce stress during the hungry calf gap. Creep feeding potentially...

Necrotic Enteritis Costs Poultry Producers USD$0.050 to $0.063 per Bird

Phytogenic feed additives can help address challenges related to gut health and feed efficiency in an antibiotic-free feeding program.

Phytogenic Feed Additives Are Viable Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters for Poultry

A meta-analysis across 14 broiler trials show that phytogenics can deliver competitive FCR and ADG improvements.

Three Tactics for Better Profitability in Poultry

Digestibility improvement, down spec diets and heat stress mitigation offer producers 3 ways to generate genuine return on investment using phytogenic feed additives.