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Phytogenic Feed Additives Are Viable Alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters for Poultry

A meta-analysis across 14 broiler trials show that phytogenics can deliver competitive FCR and ADG improvements.

Three Tactics for Better Profitability in Poultry

Digestibility improvement, down spec diets and heat stress mitigation offer producers 3 ways to generate genuine return on investment using phytogenic feed additives.

Achieving Consistent Results with Phytogenic Feed Additives

The four keys of quality control serve to ensure that scientifically formulated plant-based additives promote gut performance and profitability.

Overcoming Heat Stress in Poultry Through Nutrition

High ambient temperatures mean detrimental performance and reduced profits for producers. Extreme cases cause suffering and death in all poultry breeds. Phytogenic feed additives in poultry diets help...