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Sustainable poultry feed solutions which address dietary requirements of your birds.

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Sustainable swine feed solutions which address dietary requirements of your pigs.

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Sustainable aquaculture feed solutions which address dietary requirements, support health and optimize the performance of your fish and shrimp.

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Sustainable cattle feed solutions which address dietary requirements of your beef cattle and dairy cows as well as other ruminants.

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What is a Phytogenic Feed Additive?

Phytogenic feed additives, known as PFAs or botanicals, are substances of plant origin added to animal diets at recommended levels with the aim of improving animal performance. Essential oils, herbs...

How endotoxins aggravate heat stress in broilers

Heat stress can increase gut permeability, opening the door for lipopolysaccharides to exacerbate immune response and impair performance.

Continuous higher threat for DON and FUM in Asia: 2017 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Results for Asia

BIOMIN has conducted the Mycotoxin Survey Program annually since 2004. The accumulated number of samples is already over 75,000, which makes the program the largest worldwide data pool for mycotoxin...

Science & Solutions No. 54 - Aquaculture

In this issue: Probiotics to boost immune fitness and gut health; Fusarium mycotoxins continue to threaten Southeast Asian aquaculture; Taking the perfect sample for mycotoxin analysis

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