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Quo Vadis Global Meat Industry 2050

The Challenge: The scourges of pestilence, famine, wars, and earthquakes have come to be regarded a blessing to overcrowded nations, since they serve to prune away the luxuriant growth of the human...

Global Feed to Meat Industry Outlook

Shaping the Industry for improved Competitiveness

Presentation held by Nan-Dirk Mulder, Rabobank International, The Netherlands, during the World Nutrition Forum 2018 in Cape Town.

Kick-Off: Projekt D4Dairy gestartet

In diesem Projekt führt BIOMIN eine umfangreiche Feldstudie durch, in welcher das Futter österreichischer Milchviehbetriebe auf mehr als 400 Pilzmetabolite analysiert wird. Die Ergebnisse werden mit...

Keeping Aflatoxin Out of Milk

Aflatoxin contamination is one of the biggest concerns dairy producers all over the world face. But the risk of contamination can be reduced by close management of the feed, ensuring it is of the...