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百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列

百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列,由精心筛选的有机酸及酸盐、植物提取物以及一种创新的百奥明独特透化剂组合而成,充分利用了产品各有效成分之间的协同作用。百奥明独特透化剂,高效增强了产品活性成分(有机酸和植物提取物)的抗菌特性,使它们极易穿过革兰氏阴性菌的细胞壁外膜。

Biotronic® Top3 components



百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列产品包括:







Novel –Omics Technologies and Nutrition Becoming Key to Understand and Reduce Antibiotics in Farm Animals

24 September 2018 – As consumer demand and regulatory scrutiny further restrict the use of antibiotics in farm animals worldwide, new understanding enabled by gene sequencing-based technologies and a...

Science & Solutions No. 59 - Poultry

In this issue: Natural growth promotion in broilers vs. an antibiotic growth promoter; 5 tips to increase profits from cage-free egg production; Reducing the impact of heat stress using synbiotics

New Scientific Results on Natural Growth Promotion in Broilers vs. An Antibiotic Growth Promoter

The reduced use of antibiotics for prophylaxis and metaphylaxis or total replacement of antibiotic growth promoters is one of the main topics in animal production. In a press release issued on 19...

Organic Acids and Autolyzed Yeast Reduce the Impact of Pathogens in Fish

Rising demand for aquatic protein is driving the intensification of production, which is increasing the incidence of diseases. High stocking densities and high organic outputs provide optimum...

How Poultry Housing Can Reduce Stress and Optimize Performance

In this guest blog, James Donald of the National Poultry Technology Center at Auburn University shares his thoughts on the role and importance of the poultry house and environmental control.

Natural Feed Additives as Alternatives to In-Feed Antibiotics in Nursery Pigs

Intensive pig production puts additional stress on the weaned piglet at a time of already heightened vulnerability to infections. With a global trend towards the reduction and elimination of...

Life After Zinc Oxide – 3 Tips for Tackling Post-Weaning Diarrhea

Post-weaning diarrhea is a problem for pig producers all around the world that has a big impact on future pig performance. With both antibiotics and now zinc oxide being removed from piglet diets in...

Science & Solutions No. 56 - Swine

In this issue: Life After Zinc Oxide – 3 Tips for Tackling Post-Weaning Diarrhea; Natural Feed Additives As Alternatives to In-Feed Antibiotics in Nursery Pigs; 8 Steps for Taking the Perfect Sample...


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