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百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列

百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列,由精心筛选的有机酸及酸盐、植物提取物以及一种创新的百奥明独特透化剂组合而成,充分利用了产品各有效成分之间的协同作用。百奥明独特透化剂,高效增强了产品活性成分(有机酸和植物提取物)的抗菌特性,使它们极易穿过革兰氏阴性菌的细胞壁外膜。

Biotronic® Top3 components



百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® Top系列产品包括:







Science & Solutions No. 64 - Swine

In this issue: How to improve weaned piglet performance naturally; The effect of mycotoxins on swine fertility; Nutritional strategies to prevent postpartum dysgalactia syndrome in lactating sows

How to Improve Weaned Piglet Performance Naturally with Organic Acids and Phytogenic Feed Additives

Piglets are especially susceptible to infectious diseases because of their immature immune systems, and piglet health must to be protected to ensure the future success of the herd. When added to the...

Nutritional Strategies to Prevent Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome in Lactating Sows

Postpartum dysgalactia syndrome (PDS) in lactating sows is very costly, as it prevents the newborn piglet getting the vital early nutrition it needs to survive and thrive. Phytogenic feed additives...

BIOMIN exhibits strong presence at Kolkata Poultry Expo

By consecutively recording its presence at Kolkata International Poultry Expo for the fourth straight year, BIOMIN became a pioneer to accord importance to east region in India and reiterated its...

Proving the efficacy of Biotronic® Top liquid in water sanitation

Biotronic® Top liquid reduced E. coli counts in the intestinal tract and liver, and reduced colibacilliosis lesion scores.

How to Improve Poultry Drinking Water Quality with Acidification

Without enough water, chickens are unable to reach their performance potential. However, ensuring an adequate water supply is not enough. Careful and thorough water management is necessary on a daily...


百奥明2019 VIV亚洲减抗替抗管理研讨会

我们非常荣幸地邀请您参加3月13日至15日于泰国曼谷举行的2019届亚洲集约化畜牧展(VIV Asia)。百奥明展台位于曼谷国际贸易展览中心103展厅 2050号展位,欢迎您的莅临!

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