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百奥明酸化剂Biotronic® 系列,通过降低PH值和饲料缓冲值,控制革兰氏阴性菌如沙门氏菌和大肠杆菌,明显提高饲料和饮水的卫生。减少全价料的霉败和二次污染,维持饲料的营养价值,延长饲料贮藏时间。适用于猪禽鱼和犊牛全价饲料中。





Levabon® Rumen E

Levabon® Rumen E is a spray-dried, autolyzed yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product, produced by an internal process technology for standardized autolytic degradation of the yeast cell. This yeast product is rich in bioactive ingredients and nutrients such as nucleotides, essential amino acids, peptides, cell wall carbohydrates and B vitamins.

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FUMzyme® sol

FUMzyme® sol was developed to address the new needs of the feed industry which is moving towards manufacturing temperatures that go above 90°C to control feed borne pathogens and to fulfill the needs for special characteristics in terms of pellet shape and consistency.

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Digestarom® DC

The Feed Converter with Biomin® Duplex Capsule
Digestarom® DC – the next generation product line – contains the latest proprietary essential oil encapsulation technology for performance enhancement and feed conversion.

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PoultryStar® is a well-defined, poultry-specific, multi-species synbiotic product that promotes a beneficial gut microflora through the combined action of carefully selected probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides.

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PoultryStar® Hatchery is a water-soluble synbiotic designed to create competitive exclusion against opportunistic bacteria and to support gastrointestinal health.

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Levabon® Aquagrow E

Levabon® Aquagrow E is a functional, nutritional feed additive for application in aquaculture feeds.

This yeast product is rich in bioactive ingredients and nutrients such as essential amino acids, peptides, cell wall carbohydrates, nucleotides and B vitamins.

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Biomin® BioStabil

The Biomin® BioStabil product line is a formulation of selected lactic acid bacteria for silage inoculation. These bacteria produce the metabolites lactic acid and acetic acid in a balanced ratio for an improved fermentation process and longer aerobic stability. The drop in pH value and direct effects of acetic acid inhibit unwanted microbes in favor of improved feed quality.

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Spectrum Top 50® is a mycotoxin detection service from BIOMIN that provides you with a complete view of the mycotoxin contamination in your feed, including regulated, emerging and masked mycotoxins. 

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百奥明2019 VIV亚洲减抗替抗管理研讨会

我们非常荣幸地邀请您参加3月13日至15日于泰国曼谷举行的2019届亚洲集约化畜牧展(VIV Asia)。百奥明展台位于曼谷国际贸易展览中心103展厅 2050号展位,欢迎您的莅临!


BIOMIN Announces Opening of Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Intestinal Health Concepts in Livestock

Vienna / Getzersdorf 22 March 2019 – Global animal nutrition firm BIOMIN has announced the official opening of a new research lab to sustainably strengthen and improve the gut health of livestock in...

Science & Solutions No. 64 - Swine

In this issue: How to improve weaned piglet performance naturally; The effect of mycotoxins on swine fertility; Nutritional strategies to prevent postpartum dysgalactia syndrome in lactating sows

The Effect of Mycotoxins on Swine Fertility

Mycotoxins are found in most raw materials worldwide. The annual BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey indicates an increasing incidence of co-contamination, where more than one mycotoxin is found in each sample....

How to Improve Weaned Piglet Performance Naturally with Organic Acids and Phytogenic Feed Additives

Piglets are especially susceptible to infectious diseases because of their immature immune systems, and piglet health must to be protected to ensure the future success of the herd. When added to the...

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