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Download the Results of BIOMIN’s Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey 

According to BIOMIN’s second Phytogenic Feed Additives (PFA) Survey, 60% of feed industry professionals around the world plan to increase their use of PFAs in the next year. But what matters most is how PFAs perform in the field. In this edition of Science & Solutions magazine you’ll learn the results of the 2018 PFA Survey and learn: 

  • How respondents are using PFAs to reduce the amount of antibiotics in feed 

  • Benefits of PFAs as seen by industry professionals, including enhanced digestibility 

  • What dozens of poultry trials tell us about phytogenics and profitability 

  • Results of BIOMIN’s trials with Digestarom® in swine, ruminant and aquatic farmed species 

Download the Results of BIOMIN’s Phytogenic Feed Additives Survey