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Effects of Zearalenone in Pigs

PDF Chapter from Zearalenone Compendium

The negative effects of zearalenone are incredibly important for swine farms, especially for breeder farms, when it comes to animal health and economic outcomes. In pigs, zearalenone is responsible for vulvovaginitis, an estrogenic syndrome not only in reproductively active swine but also in pre-pubertal gilts and even piglets.  

BIOMIN has compiled all of the latest research on the effects of zearalenone in sows, boars and piglets in the new book, Zearalenone Compendium.  

Download your complimentary chapter on the effects of zearalenone in pigs from the Zearalenone Compendium.

According to Dr Veronica Nagl, Scientist at BIOMIN, “In pregnant sows, zearalenone increases the occurrence of abortions and still births. Zearalenone exposure in sows subsequently affects the health of the newborns. So here we see a higher percentage of weak born piglets with splay legs or trembling and also signs of hyperestrogenism. In boars, zearalenone results in decreased sperm quality and reduced libido.”