Science & Solutions - No. 11


Science & Solutions No. 11Antioxidative potential of phytogenics

Phytogenic feed additives protect poultry by elevating the antioxidant status and countering disease-causing free radicals.

Differential diagnosis of mycotoxin-related GIT lesions in poultry
As the first system exposed to the effects of mycotoxins, the GIT is subject to lesions caused by pathogenic and non-pathogenic origins. An effective differential diagnosis keeps such lesions under control.

Poultry at the World Nutrition Forum
Explore sustainable yet savvy broiler pro- duction through the success stories of two world-class broiler integrators, at the poultry Breakout session come October in Munich.

What’s wrong with my birds?
Part 2: Gizzard lesions: A handy diagnostic checklist of symptoms, causes and remedies to take to the farm.

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