Science & Solutions No. 45 - Ruminants


Science & Solutions No. 45 - RuminantsUnderstanding the Root Causes of Lameness
The BIOMIN Research Center studies laminitis to discern the factors involved and to identify cost-effective solutions.

5 Challenges to Successful Silage Production and How to Overcome Them
Producing superior quality silage involves precise management of the forage from harvest right through to feed out.

A Feed Additive to Stop Pathogens, Speed Up Calf Growth
A dairy farm in Munchgaard, Denmark obtained an extra 15kg of growth in Jersey cow calves in the milk-feeding period by adding Biotronic® PX Top3.

What’s Wrong with My Herd? Part 4: Milk Fever
A handy diagnostic checklist of symptoms, causes and remedies.

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