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Regional Results of Global Mycotoxin Occurrence Through June 2017

Over 33000 analyses were conducted on 8452 finished feed and raw commodity samples sourced from 63 countries from January to June 2017, covering common components used for feed such as corn, wheat,...

Piglet Diets: Looming Zinc Ban Not Your Only Worry

The EU’s impending ban on the use of zinc oxide at medicinal levels has given us all cause to take a closer at piglet feed.

Does Your Mycotoxin Solution Work? EU and China Respond

A new position paper from the MyToolBox project reveals how China and the EU approach regulation of mycotoxins and mycotoxin deactivators

5 Parameters for Mycotoxin Risk Management for Aquatic Species

An effective immune system can unlock profits for aquaculture—provided that mycotoxins are kept in check.

3 Drivers of Food Insecurity Linked to Mycotoxins [VIDEO]

In his remarks at the World Nutrition Forum hosted by BIOMIN, Prof. Christopher Elliott of Queen’s University Belfast explained how mycotoxins are related to three big drivers of insecurity in the...

5 Tips for On-site Mycotoxin Testing and Mitigation

Here we present 5 key takeaways from our recent webinar on mycotoxin testing and survey results, in cooperation with Romer Labs.

2016 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Results for Swine Feed

Mycotoxins are known to have a broad range of negative effects on animals. These secondary metabolites produced by fungi infect all types of grains, and are produced either on the field following...