Aquaculture Experts Explore the Protein Economy

Ocean Foods Ecosystems for Planetary Survival in the Anthropocene by Barry A. Costa-Pierce

The Fish Meal Dilemma - What are the Alternatives? by Ashild Krogdahl

Mycotoxins in Aquaculture: Occurrence and Significance by Rui Alexandre Goncalves

Addressing the Challenges of Shrimp Nutrition by Alberto Nunes

Disease Threats in Shrimp Farming: Causes and Possible Solutions by Matthew Briggs

Probiotics Enhancing Gut Performance by Daniel Merrifield

Bringing Science to the Field: Innovative Molecular Tools for the Benefit of Farmers by Simon MacKenzie

Sustainable Shrimp Farming: High Density, Biofloc-Dominated, No-Water-Exchange Systems by Tzachi Samocha

The sessions were held from 13-14 October in Vancouver, Canada at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum hosted by BIOMIN.