BIOMIN seminar “The Multifacets of Gut Performance and Lameness” & BIOMIN Poultry Forum in Warsaw

BIOMIN Seminar in WarsawThe scientific lecture was supported by our international guest speaker, Prof. Robert Wideman and BIOMIN experts who shared insights into the topics of gut performance & lameness as well as economic aspects of the international poultry market and mycotoxin risk management.

"High-class specialists prepared lectures on a global level. Presentation by Dr. Wael Abdelrahman allowed me to systematize knowledge about the use and effects of probiotics and the impact of probiotics on the health of the GIT and the whole body. During conversations on the sidelines, I heard a lot of positive feedback about the substantive part, which was expressed by young and experienced poultry producers alike. "
Jan Lech, DOUBLE Tree by Hilton, November 16th, 2015

"Tremendous breeding and genetic progress that has been made in recent decades, causing fast-growing young birds to be more subjected to extreme challenges, which are then faced by specialists in nutrition, breeding and veterinary disciplines. Referring to these challenges we organized the first BIOMIN Poultry Forum, which was incorporated into a series of European meetings to promote the use of the synbiotic product, PoultryStar®. Presented research and field results as well as a lively discussion confirmed the right direction of development of BIOMIN solutions, aimed at meeting the demands of consumers, the interests of farmers and ensuring the welfare of animals. Valuable positive feedback and comments motivate us to continue to work and strengthen the scientific and practical knowledge which we will share with you during the next forum."
Paweł Kędzia, DOUBLE Tree by Hilton, November 16th, 2015

Once again in Poland, BIOMIN showed its strengths and leading position not only in mycotoxin risk management but also in gut performance and probiotics.

More than 80 BIOMIN partners attended the seminar at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Warsaw. Pleasantly active debates and exchanges between guests and speakers initiated during the lunch made a positive impact on the further Q&A session summarizing the lectures.

A successful day ended in unique and exuberant atmosphere with a gala dinner, whiskey tasting and dancing.