BIOMIN Ukraine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The past decade has been marked by hard work, continued achievement and commitment to customers from the entire team at BIOMIN Ukraine, headquartered in Kyiv.

“A decade ago, BIOMIN Ukraine began with a clear focus. From the very beginning, we believed that BIOMIN solutions and technologies would be beneficial for Ukraine’s agricultural sector,” said Vitaliy Lokhov, Chief Operating Officer of BIOMIN Ukraine.

He and Mr. Erich Erber, Founder and President of BIOMIN and ERBER AG, fielded questions from journalists at the press conference. Mr. Erber highlighted his belief in Ukraine and the potential for BIOMIN all those years ago as factors in his decision to open an official representative office in Kyiv all those years ago.

When asked to reveal the secret of the global success of the BIOMIN brand, Erich said that his credo is three P’s: – Passion, People and Profit. It is crucial not to put profit first, because when you are doing something you enjoy, something that is beneficial for the society, profit will come by itself.

Mr. Vitaliy Lokhov also agreed with the importance of picking the right people to create a team that will provide company partners with the highest quality service. He explained that “Regardless the scale of business, each and every one of our customers receives top-notch support and, importantly, an understanding that BIOMIN Ukraine is not simply offering single products, but rather combined, proven and effective solutions—as evidenced by success of our partners in more than 120 countries.”

BIOMIN has emphasized innovation for over 30 years—as demonstrated through cooperation with 200 leading universities and scientific institutes globally. Mr. Erber repeatedly pointed out novel developments in animal nutrition developed by BIOMIN which significantly improve performance and, thus, help provide more people with animal protein products.

Erich also pointed out the importance of environmental friendliness and sustainable use of resources in general, “It has long been recognized that land resources of our planet are limited. It’s a fact! For this reason aquaculture is expected to grow significantly in future. Our resources are getting scarce, while the global population is increasing. That’s why we have to focus on the ways to produce more with less.”

The press conference was followed by a dynamic entertainment show and gala. Mr. Erber received awards from associations and the parliament (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine for successful implementation of innovations in animal nutrition and active involvement in the development of the Ukrainian agricultural sector.