Mycofix® Plus wins "The Most Influential Mycotoxin Deactivator 2014"

Mycofix® Plus, from the Mycofix® product line of mycotoxin risk management, was awarded "The Most Influential Mycotoxin Deactivator 2014".

Mycofix® Plus wins

BIOMIN is extremely pleased to win this prestigious award consecutively for two years, having won the same award in 2013.The panel of judges consisted of key industry experts, owners of large pig farms, important distributors, and hundreds of industry professionals. BIOMIN is honored to receive this prestigious award and it reaffirms the status of BIOMIN as the industry leader in mycotoxin deactivation.

Jim HE, Business Director, BIOMIN China, was present to receive the award on behalf of BIOMIN. In his address to the audience, Jim expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the panel of judges, and spoke of the dedication of BIOMIN to the research and development of mycotoxin deactivators since 1985.
Jim continued,” BIOMIN leads the China market in mycotoxin risk management with Mycofix®, the first and only EU-authorised feed additive proven to counteract mycotoxins (Biomin® BBSH 797, Mycofix® Secure & FUMzyme®).
This is the result of years of intensive research at the BIOMIN Research Center in Austria, and it exemplifies the innovation lead of BIOMIN in developing revolutionary strategies to counteract mycotoxins.”

BIOMIN China looks forward to continued progress and achieving more milestones in the future.