Swine Experts Explore the Protein Economy

Gastrointestinal Tract Diseases Interfering with the Nutrients Absorption and Reducing Feed Conversion in Pigs by Zygmunt Pejsak

Genetic Improvement and Nutrition Trends by Uislei Orlando

Mycotoxins Modulate the Inflammatory Response? by Ana Paula Bracarense

Myco- and Endotoxins as Antinutritional Factors by Nicholas K. Gabler

Improving Protein Utilization Efficiency Through Better Understanding of Immune and Stress Responses in Pigs by Jae Cheol Kim

Protein Sources as Functional Ingredients in Pig Diets by Alfons Jansman

Formulating for Optimum Gut Health and Performance in Swine by Anthony Edwards

The sessions were held from 13-14 October in Vancouver, Canada at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum hosted by BIOMIN.