BIOMIN Announces 2016 World Nutrition Forum Details

World Nutrition Forum 2016‘Driving the Protein Economy’ will be the theme of the 7th edition of the biennial World Nutrition Forum, the premier animal nutrition event hosted by BIOMIN. 

The 2016 World Nutrition Forum will offer top industry professionals the opportunity to ‘look under the hood’ to explore the factors driving the protein economy, its trajectory and future. Species-specific breakout sessions will provide a platform to delve further into topics concerning poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture production. A top-class mycotoxin expert session will address key research findings and the application of the latest technologies in mycotoxin deactivation, along with a second expert session on gut and rumen health and performance.

“Since the very beginning, BIOMIN has focused on supporting animal nutrition in ways that privilege natural and innovative solutions for the benefit of animals, producers and the environment,” noted Erich Erber, founder of BIOMIN and president of ERBER Group. “The World Nutrition Forum was created as a platform for the industry and the scientific community to engage on a host of issues from farm to fork in order to better face the challenges of tomorrow.”

About the World Nutrition Forum

First held in Salzburg in 2004, the World Nutrition Forum hosted by BIOMIN has become the leading opportunity for industry practitioners to share ideas and exchange knowledge. These biennial summits are consistently well rated by attendees. Each iteration draws upon the uniqueness of the location, speakers and participants while maintaining the highest quality standards for both content and organization.

Venue Vancouver

A modern city on the edge of a spectacular natural playground, Vancouver has built a reputation as a premier destination for meetings and conventions. Easy access, first-class waterfront hotels, exceptional cuisine and the award-winning, and the state-of-the-art Vancouver Convention Centre featuring the latest environmentally sustainable features and technology are just a few of many attributes that will make the 2016 World Nutrition Forum experience in Vancouver unforgettable.

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