BIOMIN announces premix facility opening in Vietnam

September 5, 2013 - BIOMIN confirms the importance of the Vietnamese market with the completion of its second facility in the country. Slated for a grand opening on 2 October 2013, the impressive 4.7 ha premix plant will be fitted with a micro dosing system and house a laboratory with several cutting-edge technologies, including a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) system.

Since its inception in 1997 in the Asia Pacific, the business of BIOMIN has grown steadily in the region, especially in the Vietnamese market. At the World Nutrition Forum held in 2012 in Singapore, BIOMIN promoted the concept of NutriEconomics® – achieving sustainable yet profitable farming in animal nutrition. In keeping with the NutriEconomics® concept, walls of the new facility are built of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks to conserve energy, and solar panels are also fitted to produce energy for the plant.

BIOMIN places a strong emphasis on providing quality solutions and excellent customer service. It has invested extensively in the laboratory services at Binh Duong, with the purchase of a LC-MS/MS system. “This will enable BIOMIN to provide the highest possible level of nutritional and mycotoxin analytical services for its customers. On top of that, the LC-MS/MS will also support the BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program, strengthening the position of BIOMIN as the market leader in this field," says Jan Vanbrabant, CEO Asia Pacific, BIOMIN.

With strong growth in the demand for premixes and the existing BIOMIN plant in Hanoi running at full capacity, there was a need for a second premix facility. Construction on the Binh Duong plant commenced officially on 12 May 2012. Phuong Nguyen Quang, COO, BIOMIN Vietnam explains, “Vietnam is an important market for us, and with the addition of the new facility, we will achieve a five-fold increase in total capacity. This also allows us to export to other countries in the region, including Cambodia and Myanmar. With a fully-automated production system that has a capacity of 6.5 tonnes per hour, and the cooperation of international partners such as Buhler, BASF, and Adisseo, BIOMIN is confident that the new Binh Duong facility will meet the highest standards of the industry.”

BIOMIN expects to welcome over 250 VIPs, customers and government officers at the opening ceremony of the facility on its grand opening day, 2 October 2013. The opening speech will be delivered by Erich Erber, Founder, BIOMIN, and by Mr Le Thanh Cung, President, Binh Duong People’s Committee.

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of BIOMIN, since Erich Erber founded the company in 1983. As a leading company in the global animal health and nutrition industry, BIOMIN is committed to the continuous development of its business. A new facility is also being developed in Wuxi, China, as part of the regional expansion plans of BIOMIN.