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61% of Those Polled Had a Mycotoxin Issue in the Past Year

During the Mycotoxin Outlook 2018 webinar sessions hosted by BIOMIN and Romer Labs on 14 February 2018, we asked the audience –hundreds of industry practitioners from around the globe— several poll...

2017 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Results

The latest edition of the annual survey, covering 18757 agricultural commodity samples from 72 countries with over 73000 analyses, highlights the main dangers from the most important mycotoxins in...

Why You Should Test Your Feed for Mycotoxins

Even with all necessary procedures and safeguards in place, every farmer should still prepare for potential feed contamination by mycotoxins.

New Trial Results Suggest High Concentrate-Diets Can Cause Endotoxin-Induced Liver Issues in Dairy Cows

Scientists from the BIOMIN Research Center in cooperation with the VetMed University in Vienna were awarded first prize for a poster summarizing new findings from a study conducted on dairy cows.

Worldwide Mycotoxin Occurrence in Plant Meals: A Real Risk to Aquaculture Development

Research characterizing the adverse effects of mycotoxins on the performance and health of animals has in large part focused on terrestrial livestock species.

Rearers Beware: The Mycotoxin Risk in Week Old Chicks

Although a risk at any stage of development, mycotoxins can be particularly devastating to week one chicks unless proper risk management is implemented.

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Continuous higher threat for DON and FUM in Asia: 2017 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Results for Asia

BIOMIN has conducted the Mycotoxin Survey Program annually since 2004. The accumulated number of samples is already over 75,000, which makes the program the largest worldwide data pool for mycotoxin...

BIOMIN displays strong aquaculture expertise at APA 2018

BIOMIN will participate in the upcoming Asia Pacific Aquaculture (APA) 2018, held from 24 to 26 April, at the Taipei International Convention Centre in Taipei, reinforcing its commitment to the...

Taking Mycotoxin Control to the Next Level: 5 Takeaways from the 10th World Mycotoxin Forum

The 10th edition of the World Mycotoxin Forum (WMF) was another great event that brought the industrial and scientific communities together. Over the course of the three-day event held in Amsterdam,...

Science & Solutions No. 54 - Aquaculture

In this issue: Probiotics to boost immune fitness and gut health; Fusarium mycotoxins continue to threaten Southeast Asian aquaculture; Taking the perfect sample for mycotoxin analysis

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Michele MUCCIO

Michele Muccio is a product manager in the competence center mycotoxins at the ‘Erber Group’ headquarters in Getzersdorf, Austria. He earned his master’s degree in biotechnology, with specialization in enzyme engineering at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, with a thesis on the identification of novel epoxide hydrolase-like enzymes from soil bacteria. Before he graduated in biotechnology at the University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’. During his studies, he participated to several international research projects in Italy, the Netherlands and Austria.

Michele Muccio joined BIOMIN as a Mycofix® product manager in 2015.

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