Most countries that have banned the use of antibiotic growth promoters do so out of concerns for the environment and food safety. Growing consumer interest, for healthy and antibiotic-free food, especially in industrialized countries, requires innovative solutions to secure the world´s food supply safely.

These demands have led to producer concerns, namely, a consistent loss of profitability, followed by the increasing challenges of modern fish farming such as disease, nutrient efficiency, FCR and environmental impacts.

Immune modulators such as yeast derivatives have been recognized as promising supplements that potentially aid disease prevention in farmed aquatic species. These substances increase disease resistance by regulating the host defense mechanism against opportunistic pathogens present in the surrounding environment. Levabon® Aquagrow E, a newly developed autolysed yeast product from BIOMIN, increases resistance to infectious disease by enhancing non-specific defense mechanisms.

The main benefits of Levabon® Aquagrow E are:

  • Enhanced immunity development
  • Increases stress resistance
  • Well-balanced intestinal integrity


Levabon® Aquagrow E

Levabon® Aquagrow E is a functional,nutritional feed additive for application in aquaculture feeds.

This yeast product is rich in bioactive ingredients and nutrients such as essential amino acids, peptides, cell wall carbohydrates, nucleotides and B vitamins.

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