WNF 2014 - Poultry Breakout Session

Speakers - Session 1:

  • Siska CROUBELS (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Robert F. WIDEMAN JR. (University of Arkansas, USA)
  • Elizabeth SANTIN (Federal University of Parana, Brazil)


Speakers - Session 2:

  • Maarten DE GUSSEM (Vetworks, Belgium)
  • Juliette PROTINO (Synalaf, France)
  • Payungsak S. TANAGUL (CPF (Thailand) Public Company, Thailand)
  • Phillip SMITH (Tyson Foods, USA)

Effects of Fusarium mycotoxins on gut integrity in poultry

Efficacy of probiotics for preventing osteomyelitis and lameness in broilers

Influence of sub-clinical challenges on gut integrity and performance of commercial poultry

How to measure gut integrity

Session 1: Expert Discussion

Antimicrobial use reduction for animal production: Opportunity or liability for the poultry industry?

Ovali: A practical tool to assess sustainability in different broiler production systems and to propose innovative solutions

Success story on sustainable broiler production

Sustain:able broiler production – Strategies and consequences on production

Session 2: Expert Discussion