WNF 2014 - Ruminants Breakout Session

Speakers - Session 1:

  • Ian J. LEAN (SBScibus, Australia)
  • Li SHENGLI (China Agricultural University, China)
  • Bradley J. JOHNSON (Texas Tech University, USA)


Speakers - Session 2:

  • Cheryl M. E. McCRINDLE (University of Pretoria; HSARA, South Africa)
  • R. John WALLACE (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • Qendrim ZEBELI (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria)
  • Jennifer L. ELLIS (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

Improving crop residue nutritive value by upgraded calcium oxide treatment

Trends in the use of technology and other management practices for modern beef production in North America

Quantitative analysis via mathematical modelling: Enteric methane production and mitigation