WNF 2014 - Swine Breakout Session

Speakers - Session 1:

  • Hans AARESTRUP (Danske Svineproducenter, Denmark)
  • Alberto STEPHANO (Private consultant, Mexico)
  • Pieter J. GRIMBEEK (Private veterinary consultant, South Africa)
  • Yulong YIN (The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)


Speakers - Session 2:

  • Barbara RÜEL (BIOMIN, Austria)
  • Merlin D. LINDEMANN (University of Kentucky, USA)
  • Frans DIRVEN (Lintjeshof, The Netherlands)
  • Cheol-Heui YUN (Seoul National University, South Korea)
  • Duong Duy DONG (Nong Lam University, Vietnam)

Different regions - Similar challenges?

Trends in the Latin American swine production

The South African pig industry: Similar world challenges in an isolated industry

Different regions - Similar challenges - The trends in the Chinese swine sector

Session 1: Expert Discussion

Efficient resource management – Dietary solutions in swine

Sustainable swine production through an improved understanding of feedstuffs and the animal

Sustainable use of antibiotics in swine production, the Dutch experience

Immunological and nutritional aspects of inflammatory response in pigs

Phytogenics as alternative for antibiotic growth promoter in swine diet and what else?

Session 2: Expert Discussion