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BIOMIN otwiera 7 Centrum Żywienia Zwierząt

W Austrii, w Tulln zostaje otwarte siódme Centrum Żywienia Zwierząt, (Center of Applied Animal Nutrition –w skrócie CAN), które zajmować się będzie przeprowadzaniem badań żywieniowych in vivo na...

Ask the Author: Mycotoxin Risk in Aquafeeds

Mycotoxin levels in aquafeed samples can cause health and performance issues in fish and shrimp. Those are the latest findings according to a recent paper on the occurrence of mycotoxins in commercial...

Toxins Attack during Post-Weaning Dip

Many articles are written about the stressful period piglets experience right after weaning, though too often on-farm discussions focus on issues such as diarrhea or oedema that occur anywhere from 1...