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Reduce Sow Culling with These 7 Lameness Tips

Lameness is a growing problem on swine farms with sows being culled from the herd in the most severe cases. But the causes of lameness can be reduced and eliminated by following seven basic rules as...

Science & Solutions No. 48 - Swine

In this issue: Reduce Sow Culling with These 7 Lameness Tips; Zearalenone - a Known but Underestimated Risk in Gilts; Successfully Confronting the Fumonisin Surge; What’s Wrong with My Pigs? Part 9:...

Форум ANIMALPROFI в Татарстане

Команда ANIMALPROFI под руководством NITA-FARM и BIOMIN вновь отправилась к специалистам в области животноводства из республики Татарстан.