BIOMIN exhibits strong presence at Poultry India expo, reinforces commitment to customers

The BIOMIN booth was buzzing with activity as soon as the three-day expo began on November 22. The entire sales and marketing team, which was present gave a warm welcome to the customers and prospective customers and helped them get the right solutions.

Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, Managing Director, BIOMIN India said that the company’s activities and presence in India have grown substantially in recent years and pointed out that they are well positioned in the market to offer solutions to meet the customers’ requirements.

“In the backdrop of growing awareness among the customers to reduce antibiotic usage and increase awareness on mycotoxin management, BIOMIN is helping the industry grow not only by providing solutions but also by providing services such as feed sample analysis by sending the raw material/feed to Romer Labs in Singapore,” he commented.

Speaking to the media, Sujit Kulkarni said that Digestarom®, the phytogenic product line of BIOMIN, which is recognised as a world leader in gut performance management, is supported by 30 years of research and development.

“BIOMIN enjoys the trust of Indian customers in phytogenic feed additives and this is helping us in promoting the newly launched Digestarom® DC, the next generation product line,” he said and added that Digestarom® DC contains the latest proprietary essential oil encapsulation technology for performance enhancement and feed conversion.

The advantageously located BIOMIN booth at Poultry India expo attracted more number of visitors and the well planned booth infrastructure facilitated even up to five meetings by the BIOMIN team with the customers and visitors. Digestarom® DC, the newest addition in the BIOMIN offering to the Indian market, was aggressively promoted during the expo, while the technical and sales team explained about the unique proposition of this product.

To update the visitors about the company’s activities in India since the last Poultry India expo, a 12-page special newsletter was published. As many as 2000 copies were widely circulated among the visitors, which created awareness about BIOMIN products and services.

Edward Manchester, Regional Director, BIOMIN Asia-Pacific in his comments to the media said that phytogenics is a big area for BIOMIN, which is again a rapidly growing area and underlined that the company’s phytogenics product line will benefit the industry as well as consumers.

“Awareness on mycotoxin contamination is growing in India and our commitment in mycotoxin risk management is acknowledged by the customers here and this is helping us a lot in reaching out to customers,” he pointed out.

He went on to add that the bottom-line for the feed additive firm’s growth trajectory in India is the strong team of people, who are customer-oriented and provide support to customers. “This combined with the credible product alongside is helping us grow in the market,” he observed.

The vibrant presence of BIOMIN at Poultry India over the years is in line with its longstanding mission and continuous efforts to help the Indian market by providing sustainable solutions.

BIOMIN bullish on poultry segment in India, says Marc Guinnement

With the poultry segment in India poised to grow at a faster phase in the next few years due to increase in per capita protein consumption, Marc Guinnement, Managing Director, BIOMIN Asia Pacific observed that huge opportunities are ahead for BIOMIN.

“I am impressed by the number of participants at Poultry India and we are bullish on poultry segment in India,” he said and pointed out that the presence of high profile and very interested customers at this expo proves that India is a dynamic market for BIOMIN.

“Plant-derived products have a lot of interest in India and in the backdrop of growing awareness in antibiotic reduction and mycotoxin risk management, we are in a better position to provide solutions to the customers with our product range, which is based on natural growth promotion,” Marc Guinnement commented. According to Mr. Guinnement, India is one of the leading growth countries for BIOMIN. Key factors include a rising population and the increasing trend in chicken consumption by middle-class that will pave the way for substantial growth in the coming years.

“We’ve delivered real innovation with Digestarom® DC, the next generation product line with capsulation technology, for producers in India and across the world. We are committed to help our customers and the industry in dealing with antibiotic reduction,” he said in a brief interview.

“We’ve also laid very strong foundation in the aquaculture and dairy segments in India as well. While reinforcing our presence in India in the poultry segment, we will also concentrate on aquaculture and dairy businesses to secure the future of BIOMIN India,” he added.

BIOMIN products have vibrant presence in Indian market, helps improve gut health, says Lesley Nernberg

BIOMIN Technical Service Manager Lesley Nernberg, who was present at the Poultry India expo on all three days supporting visitors, said that the company’s products have vibrant presence in Indian market and is trusted by the customers for gut health improvement.

In a brief chat, he said that Mycofix® combined with gut performance products including Biotronic®, PoultryStar® and Digestarom® DC act as two pillars, supporting the customers to improve the gut health of birds.

“Since mycotoxins affect immune system and also the gut trajectory, it is important to adopt a holistic approach by concentrating on mycotoxin risk management as well as gut performance products,” he said and pointed out that BIOMIN product lines act as two pillars.

According to him, animal nutrition plays a key part and the BIOMIN offering comes as a package with solutions as well as services. “Gut health has gained centre stage since the last ten years and with it awareness on the antibiotic reduction has grown,” he said and noted that BIOMIN is committed to support the customers by providing natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the industry.

On the Indian market, he said that with the per capita chicken consumption set to increase in the coming years, BIOMIN looks forward to utilise this huge opportunity and consolidate its position and thereby helping the customers grow.

“BIOMIN provides service to the customers by sharing knowledge on feed formulations and help the customers to create cost-effective formulations. Apart from this, we also support the customers to reduce feed cost and improve performance of the birds,” he added.