BIOMIN Participates to Fish-Free Feed (F3) Challenge

David Bal, Technical Sales Manager Aquaculture at BIOMINReplacing fishmeal and fish oils in aquafeeds is a key topic when it comes to sustainability in the aquaculture industry. Recently, BIOMIN partnered with Htoo Thit Co, a Myanmar-based feed mill company, as part of the fish-free feed (F3) challenge to be the first company to produce and sell 100,000 mT of fish-free feed.

“Feed mills and aquaculture producers have shown considerable interest in Mycofix® to prevent antinutritional effects in animals when fish meal is replaced by plant ingredients,” explained David Bal, Regional Technical Sales Manager Aquaculture at BIOMIN.

Mycotoxins, which are produced by fungi and commonly contaminate crops, are a major antinutritional factor in feeds. BIOMIN continues to conduct research on the effects of mycotoxins in farmed fish and shrimp.

Key aqua industry players gathered in San Francisco from 9 to 11 January 2017 for a meeting on alternative ingredients for aquaculture. Delegates were able to tour Google X headquarter in Silicon Valley. Htoo Thit Co reached second place in the F3 challenge.

“The fish-free feed competition was a great opportunity to work with the people at Htoo Thit, and at BIOMIN we are committed to supporting the aquaculture industry to achieve profitable, sustainable production,” commented Mr Bal.

The University of Arizona, Monterey Bay Aquarium, New England Aquarium, and the World Bank are judges and cosponsors of the F3 Challenge.