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Biomin® BioStabil

Preserves the energy in your silage

The Biomin® BioStabil product line is a formulation of strategically selected Lactic Acid Bacteria for optimal forage preservation.

Gut Performance Management

These bacteria produce lactic acid and acetic acid in a balanced ratio for an improved fermentation process and longer aerobic stability of silage.

The rapid drop in pH value and direct effects of acetic acid inhibit growth of spoilage microorganisms in favor of preserved nutritive value and improved feed safety of silage.

BIOMIN developed the Biomin® BioStabil product range tailored to meet our customers’ needs, as a total package for ensiling a full variety of forage crops over a range of dry matter content. Published research on Biomin® BioStabil has shown effectiveness over a wider variety of forages and conditions.

Biomin® BioStabil increases qualitative and nutritional value of the silage and provides superior aerobic stability.

Biomin® BioStabil is easy-to-use, offering excellent solubility. Biomin® BioStabil is non-corrosive and free from genetically modified organisms (GMO-free). 

Main Benefits

Better fermentation

Longer storage life through improved aerobic stability

Higher energy content

Protein preservation

Higher animal productivity and profit

Biomin® BioStabil Plus

Biomin® BioStabil Plus is the flagship of the BioStabil product range. The formulation has the right amount and the right types of homo- and heterofermentative bacteria (Table 1) to deliver all the desired outcomes, including preservation of energy. The formulation contains the rapid growing lactic-acid-producing homofermentative strain L. plantarum DSM 19457, which ensures sufficient lactic acid production for a rapid pH drop in ensiled forage and secures the protection of dry matter, energy and protein losses in the fermentation period.

Table 1: Biomin® BioStabil Plus product characteristics
CharacteristicL. plantarumL. brevisL. kefiri
Rapid pH drop+++++
Effective in high dry matter silage++++ 
Lactic acid production++++++
Reduction of clostridia+++++++
Minimal dry matter losses+++++
Production of acetic acid and
improvement of aerobic stability

Biomin® BioStabil Plus also contains L. kefiri DSM 19455 with another selected heterofermentative strain L. brevis DSM 23231, which produce a sufficient acetic acid to provide enhanced aerobic stability in the feed out phase. The combination, containing one homofermentative and two heterofermentative strains also protects against the growth of undesirable bacteria like Clostridia, yeasts and molds during and after ensiling, helping prevent loss of valuable dry matter, energy and protein from the silage.

One reason for providing a range of strains is to help ensure that Biomin® BioStabil Plus is effective on a wide variety of forage types and conditions such as moisture and temperature.


Biomin® BioStabil Plus

Grass, alfalfa and haylage

Biomin® BioStabil Mays

Corn (maize), corn cob mix and sorghum

Corn Cob | Photo: BIOMIN
Biomin® BioStabil Wraps


Photo: Fotolia
Photo: Fotolia
Biomin® BioStabil Biogas

Biogas production

* Biomin® BioStabil products work best with good silo management

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product associated claims may differ based on government requirements.
Product availability may vary by country, please contact BIOMIN for more information.

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