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Biomin® NURIline Piglets

The growing performance potential of modern pig breeding requires optimal feeding and management conditions from breeding sows to fattening pigs.

The existing potential must be exploited in order to run the farm successfully in the long term. With our piglet products we not only want to support the piglets in the best way possible, but also relieve the burden on the sow.


  • Provide support for large litters: Exploiting the potential of all liveborn piglets
  • Reduce stress on the digestive tract: Resistant piglets with constant feed intake and stable growth
  • Optimal exploitation of growth capacity: High growth rates in rearing are the key to high weight gain and lean meat content in fattening


Supplemental feeding

Supporting the development, especially of small piglets, with piglet milk and high-quality prestarters as a needs-based supplement to sow milk

Learn to eat - learn to digest

Stabilize the gut: Encourage the intake of solid food through tasty and highly digestible prestarters. Introducing new components step by step to stimulate the formation of necessary digestive enzymes. Targeted stabilization of the intestinal flora in the weaning phase

Appropriate nutrient supply

Optimal supply of essential nutrients and effective support of digestive performance