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Support gut health and feed hygiene

Maintain good litter quality and decrease dirty egg production by minimizing the risk of infection.

Support gut health and feed hygienic conditions through Gram-negative bacteria control (e.g. S. enteritidis) to have more saleable eggs and healthier hens.

Biomin® CHICKit CONTROL includes:

The inclusion rate ranges from 1.0 - 2.0 %.
Ask your BIOMIN consultant for your personal customized solution or contact us.

Healthy hens, high egg quality, well-rounded concept

Good persistence and feed conversion

Healthy hens with perseverance, proper animal weight and improved nutrient utilization (FCR) throughout all phases of production cycle

Decreased risk of infection

Stabilized gut microflora and hygienic feed conditions

Optimized housing conditions

Enhancing flocks‘ environment through optimization of air quality and hygiene

Photo: shutterstock, photomaster
Photo: shutterstock, photomaster

Solutions for any kind of challenge

Ask your BIOMIN consultant for your personal customized solution or contact us.


To benefit from each individual hen in your flock during the various stages of the production cycle, you should support them through demand-orientated and performance-focused feeding.

Proper evaluation of feed

Valid analysis of basic feedstuffs.

Feed formulation

Precision feeding and performance-optimized feed formulation are needed to maximize nutrient digestibility and reduce emissions.


BIOMIN feeding concepts will improve your birds' health, performance and profitability. Our experts are happy to advise you on choosing the best concept for your business.