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Biomin® 4Lac Plus

Because the best milk is sow’s milk

Biomin® 4Lac Plus supports the metabolism of the liver resulting in a smooth conversion of fat into energy and thereby improving milk yield.

  • Supply of important energy-carriers to support fat and energy metabolism
  • Support of liver detoxification and recovery
  • Reduced risk of constipation
The result is improved sow vitality at farrowing and better milk yield

Liver problems can cause:


Poor nutrient utilisation which reduces milk yield

Lighter and less uniform piglets


Biomin® 4Lac Plus is used during the period of most intensive metabolic changes.


Minimum 5 days before to 5 days after farrowing

  1. Top dressing: 50 g per sow and day
  2. Transition feed: 1.5 – 2 % of sow diets

What improvements in performance are needed to cover the cost of using Biomin® 4Lac Plus?

Criteriabreak-evenobtained in trials
Number weaned piglets/litter1+ 0.1+ 0.7
Litter weight (kg)2+ 0.4+ 3.9
Number of liveborn piglets/litter3- 0.07- 0.66

Price basis: Biomin® 4Lac Plus for 10 days of application: 1.75 € (per sow and farrowing)
value weaned piglet (7 kg): 30 € (4.29 €/kg)

1 1.75 €/30 € (value weaned piglet)
2 1.75 €/4.29 € (value/kg weaning weight)
3 1.75 €/(30 € (value weaned piglet) *0,85 (mean survival rate))

Three field trials all showed fewer stillborn piglets

4 Lac Plus™ facilitates higher milk yields of sows

19% less fostering sows

additional space in the farrowing unit

+ 0.73 piglets weaned more per farrowing

Higher milk yield results in increased litter weights at weaning

Summary of results from 3 feeding trials

 Trial 1 (DK)Trial 2 (DK)Trial 3 (CZ)Difference
Trial designControlBiomin® 4Lac PlusControlBiomin® 4Lac PlusControlBiomin® 4Lac Plus 
Number of sows323229423636 
Biomin® 4Lac Plus days (mean) 12 13 12 
Piglets/litter after fostering13.313.315.115.0no fostering 
Weaning age20 days21 days27 days 
Trial results       
Liveborn piglets16.0617.1317.2118.4311.3412.34 
Stillborn1.751.533.251.8611.030.67- 0.66
Stillborn (%) 3.80
Weaned piglets/litter12.2212.6611.4812.38210.9911.84+ 0.72
Weaning weight (kg) 0.03
Litter growth (kg)#45.8150.36249.4151.0755.6861.12+ 3.90
ROI§ 8.2 4.2 12.5 

1 Difference within trial is statistically significant at P ≤ 0.1
2 Difference within trial is statistically significant at P ≤ 0.05;
# (mean piglet weight 2 – mean piglet weight 1) x total piglet number at weighing 2;
§ ROI = return on investment

Since 2015 Svend Gammelgaard has used Biomin® 4Lac Plus in his sow herd near Haderslev, Denmark

Farm manager Albert Dobai is very satisfied with Biomin® 4Lac Plus and highlights the following:

The sows have a higher milk yield.

Easier farrowing, so fewer stillborn piglets.

Litters have greater vitality and less need for fostering sows.

Better economic results.

Less working time needed in the farrowing unit.

Production level first half year of 2018 (average per litter):

19.3 Total piglets born
17.9 Liveborn piglets
1.4 Stillborn piglets

In 2017 we achieved 38 weaned piglets per sow per year and Biomin® 4Lac Plus is an important tool for us.

Svend Gammelgaard is now one of the most successful piglet producers in Denmark. In the first half of 2017 he had the 3rd best contribution margin of piglet producers in Denmark.