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Biomin® RUMENline

Feeding concept for dairy cows and beef cattle

Feeding high-yielding, fertile and long-living dairy cows is a constant challenge. The Biomin® RUMENline provides both standard and premium lines of premixes and mineral feed that are targeted to the needs of your animals. 

In dairy cattle, BIOMIN has expertise in the nutrition of dry cows, as it is crucial to managing feeding correctly during this challenging period.

In beef cattle production, animals’ nutritional needs increase continually. BIOMIN has deep knowledge in how to optimize nutrition to ensure proper development of bones and the skeletal structure—in addition to fast weight gain. This expertise contributes to building profitable and sustainable beef cattle operations.

In addition to a balanced ration formulation, targeted products can support animal performance and vitality. Together with the supply of essential macro-minerals, trace minerals and vitamins with mineral feed or premixes, BIOMIN can provide innovative, tailored and scientifically proven feeding solutions for dairy cows and beef cattle.