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Biomin® RUMENline

Specialities for dairy cows

To feed high yielding, fertile and long-living dairy cows properly, is more and more a challenge. Beside a balanced ration formulation there is a big opportunity, to support performance and vitality with the application of innovative, special product solutions. 

Biomin® RUMENline – what is it?

The in-house BIOMIN Research Center in Tulln has a strong focus on research and development of new feed additives for livestock production. The emphasis thereby is to keep the animals healthy and improve their performance. The products of the Biomin® RUMENline has been developed due to the newest scientific findings.

The Biomin® RUMENline is a new product line for high yielding and profitable dairy cows. The objective is rumen function and animal health, which should be visible in hoof health, udder health and fertility. Furthermore, the inactivation of Myco- and Endotoxins is a main challenge in dairy nutrition, which BIOMIN is able to accept and solve with our product solutions.

Product solutions

Depending on the goals and focus of the dairy operation, several product solutions are available to solve diverse challenges. This product solutions always have to be adapted to the current feeding concept.