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ESQ active 1000

ESQ active 1000

ESQ active 1000

Boosts eggshell quality

Eggshell stability is the most important outer quality feature in egg production. Besides genetics, age, management, performance stage a.o., eggshell quality is also influenced by feeding. ESQ active 1000 supports the calcium metabolism, enhances the formation of solid shells and increases the number of saleable eggs.


  • Improves eggshell hardness by delivering a constant supply of calcium in the diet, optimized for age and performance.
  • Reduces the proportion of cracked eggs through inclusion of specific trace mineral complexes that boost the calcium transport from the eggshell-forming glands to eggshell formation and shell thickness. 
  • Enhances eggshell breaking strength. 
  • A highly, fast and directly available plant-based Vitamin D supports hens in stress situations.
  • Promotes villi vitality and the efficient digestion of nutrients essential for eggshell formation.

Application & Dosage

With 0.1% in finished feed typically results in a noticeable improvement after a few days.

Pre-layer feed: As required or intermittently; 7 days with – 7 days without ESQ active 1000

Layer feed: From the 40th week of life; When necessary already from 24th week of life; Usage throughout whole useful life is possible