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Biomin® HEPAprotect-Aqua

Prophylactic liver protection!

Only a healthy liver secures high performance

In aqua species, the liver is an important organ that has a number of functions. It assists in digestion by secreting enzymes that break down fats, and also serves as a storage site for fats and glycogen. The liver is also important in the destruction of old blood cells and in maintaining proper blood chemistry, and plays a central role in amino acid metabolism and nitrogen excretion.

In shrimp, the hepato-pancreas is an organ that combines liver and pancreas together along with some digestive and absorptive functions. However liver cells built up the main cellular substance. Imbalances in dietary nutrients and stress can cause an accumulation of fat in the liver and this can lead to a fatty liver syndrome which results in bad nutrient utilization and in bad performance.

Mode of action

A healthy liver plays a key role in several important metabolic processes in fish and shrimp. Therefore, liver protection is an essential tool in achieving high performance. HEPAprotect–Aqua has been designed for active prevention of liver damage. The two main active components of HEPAprotect–Aqua belong to the group of flavonoids and natural occurring cell wall components. The protective effect of flavone combinations has been demonstrated in numerous in vitro trials. HEPAprotect–Aqua supports liver functions by

  • Stimulation of cell regeneration – especially of hepatocytes and endothelial cells.
  • Protective cellular effect – free radicals are bound and an infiltration of toxins into liver cells is prevented.
  • Osmoregulatory function - prevention of abnormal water loss from the cells and protection against enzyme inhibition
  • Support the synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine and Carnitin to improve protein- and energy metabolism

The usage of HEPAprotect–Aqua enhances the nutrient intake and utilization. Healthy liver function improves resistance during stress periods and a faster regeneration after it.


HEPAprotect–Aqua is a feed additive that can be added during feed preparation at the feed mill level, or top dressed into the feed at farm level. It’s a water-insoluble, powdered product- stable against heat and low pH-values.


2 – 3 kg per ton of finished feed

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