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Biomin® RUMENpower plus

Powerful rumen – powerful cow

Biomin® RUMENpower plus provides a combination of highly effective and scientific proven feed additives for increasing the lifetime performance of dairy cows.


  • When it comes to Mycotoxin Risk Management, BIOMIN is able to offer an innovative and worldwide leading solution for absolute protection against mycotoxins. Mycofix® combines three strategies in one product, to avoid the metabolic disturbances caused by mycotoxins. 

Autolyzed Yeast (Levabon® Rumen E) supports rumen function: 

  • It stimulates the growth of cellulolytic bacteria. 
  • It improves the use of fibre. 
  • It improves feed digestibility and feed conversion. 
  • Results in higher milk yield. 
  • Biomin® AOC provides natural antioxidants. These reduce oxidative stress and support the animal’s resistance. 
  • Digestarom® Dairy is a phytogenic feed additive, specifically designed to encourage feed intake, digestion and feed conversion in dairy cows.
  • Rumen protected choline supports fat transport from the liver during the transition period, thereby reducing the risk of metabolic disorders like ketosis or mastitis.

Application & Dosage 

Biomin® RUMENpower plus is recommended for dairy cows over the whole production period. It reduces somatic cell count in the milk, improves fertility and increases their lifetime performance. 

3 weeks before calving until lactation day 150100 – 120 g/cow/day
after day 15060 – 120 g/cow/day