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Biomin® RUMENpower

Powerful rumen – powerful cow

Mycotoxins are toxins in forage or feedstuffs produced by fungi, either in the field or after harvesting and during storage. They can cause serious health problems in cattle, especially dairy cows. Biomin® RUMENpower is a special product that inactivates Mycotoxins and Endotoxins and also helps support rumen function. 


  • When it comes to Mycotoxin Risk Management, BIOMIN is able to offer an innovative and worldwide leading solution for absolute protection against mycotoxins. Mycofix® combines three strategies in one product, to avoid the metabolic disturbances caused by mycotoxins. 

Autolyzed Yeast (Levabon® Rumen E) supports rumen function: 

  • It stimulates the growth of cellulolytic bacteria. 
  • It improves the use of fibre. 
  • It improves feed digestibility and feed conversion. 
  • Results in higher milk yield. 
  • Biomin® AOC provides natural antioxidants. These reduce oxidative stress and support the animal’s resistance. 
  • A special aroma ensures a good taste and high feed intake. 

Application & Dosage 

Biomin® RUMENpower is recommended for dairy cows over the whole production period to reduce somatic cell count in the milk and to improve fertility. Higher milk performance is also a beneficial consequence of improved feed digestibility and rumen function. 

Dose rate is 50 g per cow per day