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Biomin® RUMENtop TE

The supplement with trace elements to support good health in cattle

Biomin® RUMENtop TE contains highly available and rumen stable trace minerals to support the metabolism of dairy cows. 


  • Zinc is needed to protect and maintain healthy skin. Zinc deficiency leads to skin and hoof lesions, udder health problems, and poor semen quality in breeding bulls. 

  • Manganese is necessary for the formation of the blood pigment haemoglobin and for skeletal development, as well as for metabolism and sexual maturity. Manganese deficiency leads to irregular heat, poor insemination, abortion and skeletal disorders. 

  • Copper has a big impact on sexual maturity. A deficiency of copper causes low feed intake, weight loss, anaemia, pale skin, diarrhoea and fertility disorders. 

  • Biotin is an important nutrient required for the cohesion of horn cells and for high hoof integrity. 

  • Biomin® AOC provides natural antioxidants These reduce oxidative stress and support the animal’s resistance. 

  • Rumitrace® inside: Through a rumen protection (encapsulated selenium and selenium yeast) selenium uptake in the body is increased and utilized for several important functions (e.g. immune system and fertility). 

Application & Dosage 

Biomin® RUMENtop TE covers the supply with trace elements for cattle and is used to support hoof health, udder health and fertility. 

Dose rate is 50 g per animal per day 

Provide at 5 weeks pre-calving until pregnancy, and also at times of high milk yield and other stressful situations when trace element deficiencies can occur.