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The solution for high milk performance

The metabolic requirements of dairy cows during the transition period are tremendous. After calving the central challenge is to increase feed intake as fast as possible in order that the negative energy balance is small and short. RUMENpromilk™ can increase feed intake and it supports rumen function of high performing dairy cows. 


  • Digestarom® Dairy is a phytogenic feed additive, specifically designed to encourage feed intake, digestion and feed conversion in dairy cows. 

Autolyzed Yeast (Levabon® Rumen E) supports rumen function: 

  • It stimulates the growth of cellulolytic bacteria. 
  • It improves the use of fibre. 
  • It improves feed digestibility and feed conversion. 
  • Results in higher milk yield. 
  • Biomin® AOC provides natural antioxidants. These reduce oxidative stress and support the animal’s resistance. 
  • Rumen protected choline supports fat transport from the liver during the transition period, thereby reducing the risk of metabolic disorders like ketosis or mastitis. 

Application & Dosage 

RUMENpromilk™ is recommended for high lactating dairy cows to increase feed intake, support rumen function and improve milk performance. 

Dose rate is 50 g/cow/day