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Digestarom® DC Xcel

The Feed Converter

Digestarom® DC Xcel is the next generation phytogenic blend of natural extracts from aromatic plants with the Biomin® Duplex Capsule. Formulated to maintain feed intake, support digestion and feed conversion.

Digestarom® DC contains the latest proprietary essential oil encapsulation technology for performance enhancement and feed conversion.


Flavoring Substances
1. Appetizing & Endogenous Secretions

The appetizing and endogenous secretion module in the coat of the Biomin® Duplex Capsule supports palatability and feed intake.

Biological Active Substances
2. Gut Microbiota Modulation

The gut microbiota modulation module in the core of the Biomin® Duplex Capsule supports gut performance.

Extracts & Herbs
3. Gut Protection

Alongside the Biomin® Duplex Capsule, the extracts and herbs module supports gut protection.

Biomin® Duplex Capsule

The innovative BIOMIN® Duplex Capsule offers several advantages for the animal and ultimately the producer and consumer. Including availability of tiny particles and a narrow range of sizes and their equal and homogeneous distribution in feed. This assures a continuous provision of active compounds to the animal, thereby improving feed efficiency and ultimately performance.

Mode of Action

Mode of Action - Digestarom® DC Xcel

Benefits for piglets and sows

  • Improved feed intake
  • Enhanced gut protection 
  • Optimized feed conversion 
  • Better performance
  • Better livability
  • Increased return on investment


Digestarom® DC Xcel is homogeneously mixed into premixes, mineral feed or finished feed. It is stable under common pelleting conditions. 

Dosage per ton (t) of complete feed 

 Suckling pigletsWeaned pigletsSows
Digestarom® DC Xcel150 g/t 
(creep feed)
150 g/t 
(up to 25 – 30 kg of live weight)
100 g/t 
(throughout the production cycle)
Digestarom® DC Xcel 10001 kg/t 
(creep feed)
1 kg/t 
(up to 25 – 30 kg of live weight)
0.7 kg/t 
(throughout the production cycle)

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product associated claims may differ based on government requirements.

Product availability may vary by country, please contact BIOMIN for more information.

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