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Antibiotic Reduction in Pigs and Antibiotic-free Swine Feeding

Reduce antibiotic use in farm animals and close the performance gap with BIOMIN solutions

Consumers and regulators increasingly require pigs raised without antibiotics. BIOMIN supports the swine industry with the most scientifically advanced toolkit to achieve successful outcomes.

Toolbox for every system

Innovative solutions from BIOMIN support peak animal performance and responsible antibiotic use in:

  • Conventional systems
  • Antibiotic-free feeding
  • No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) programs
  • Organic livestock rearing

BIOMIN solutions can be applied to help partially or completely reduce antibiotic use sensibly and profitably while supporting animal health and welfare.

Pig snout
Photo: istockphoto/thepalmer

Customized to fit your needs

Reach Your Antibiotics Goal

BIOMIN can help you achieve your antibiotic reduction objective successfully through:

  • On-site support from a global team of technical veterinary and nutrition experts
  • A complete toolkit of innovative, natural feed additives that support mycotoxin risk management and gut performance.
  • Knowledge sharing, staff training, educational materials and events
We believe that a holistic, 360-degree approach is a prerequisite for successful antibiotic reduction.

Identifying challenges

Our technical experts help you identify and address the specific challenge on your farm.

Inspecting feed

Combination of additives

A tailored combination of additives help you attain the desired level of performance and return on investment (ROI).

Performance increase
Photo: istockphoto/donskarpo

On-going support

On-going support enables you to maintain the value added of BIOMIN solutions over the long-term.

BIOMIN Support

Close the performance gap through a holistic approach that emphasizes:

Taking a 360-degree approach means looking at all levers for achieving improvement, including: farm management, nutrition, biosecurity, hygiene, mycotoxin risk management and health.

We provide science-based products and technical support that are unmatched.



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