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Research & Development

We love science. So do our more than 100 scientists and researchers.

Our application-oriented basic research focuses on designing proprietary solutions that improve the profitability and sustainability of the agriculture sector.

Our strong in-house research and development and global cooperation with leading institutions and organizations form the basis to develop innovative solutions for our customers.

More than 150 scientific publications per year

Over 200,000 research hours per year

More than 200 R&D cooperation partners globally

Over 30 research projects with EU and national funding agencies


Approximately 120 feeding trials per year

Over 12,000 biological samples analyzed annually

Vast network

We stay at the forefront of scientific knowledge in a multitude of domains through partnerships with more than 200 respected laboratories, academic and research institutions worldwide.

BIOMIN Vast Research Network
BIOMIN Vast Research Network

BIOMIN Research Center

The BIOMIN Research Center (BRC) in Tulln houses the BIOMIN research teams in Discovery and Scouting, Enzymology, Bioprocess Development, Analytical Chemistry, GUTomics, Cell Biology and Bioactive Ingredient Formulation.

Our scientists work to develop new methods, frequently down to the molecular level, as tools that lay the foundation for new inventions in the animal feed industry.

Biotech Campus Tulln 

BIOMIN researchers cooperate with expert scientists at the Campus Tulln to develop new ingredients that can be effectively applied in various fields of animal science. Within the campus sit biotech-focused research and academic institutions, including the Department of Agrobiotechnology IFA-Tulln of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and the Austrian Biotech University of Applied Sciences

Biotech Campus Tulln
Biotech Campus Tulln
© FH Campus Tulln

Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition

BIOMIN has more than half a dozen trial facilities known as Centers for Applied Animal Nutrition (CANs). These facilities and partnerships with universities and research institutions make up a global research network to apply and test BIOMIN products.

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