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Spectrum 380®

State-of-the-art mycotoxin analysis

Biomin Spectrum 380® represents the most powerful mycotoxin analysis commercially available, testing feed material samples for more than 700 mycotoxins and fungal metabolites in one go. Biomin Spectrum 380® is a LC-MS/MS based mycotoxin detection service from BIOMIN. 

BIOMIN introduced Spectrum 380® in 2014 together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Tulln, Austria. 

BOKU Tulln
IFA Tulln


  • Precisely identifies the broadest range of feed contaminants
  • Detects masked mycotoxins and emerging mycotoxins
  • Provides feed-related insights not revealed by conventional methods

The more powerful and accurate mycotoxin detection of Spectrum 380® can help farmers and feed producers to understand situations that they encounter in the field that are not revealed by traditional techniques.


Biomin Spectrum 380® tests a single sample for simultaneous detection of:

  • Over 700 mycotoxins and secondary metabolites, including masked mycotoxins
  • Approximately 300 pesticides 
  • 150 veterinarian drugs
  • Several phytoestrogens 


With our Spectrum 380® detection service, you will obtain the full picture via the test report provided by IFA Tulln with the list of all substances detected in the sample, along with an interpretive report from BIOMIN.

Results are interpreted based on risk assessment levels for different animal species. All the results collected during the year are also included in the annual BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Report giving our customers broader view on the quality of feed materials. 

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