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For people, planet and profit and producers

Feeding the globe through safe and affordable meat, eggs and dairy requires a sustainable approach to agriculture that benefits people, the planet and producers’ profit. 

Since its founding in 1983, BIOMIN has embraced natural ways to support the feed and food sector using cutting-edge technologies that benefit animals, producers and the environment. 

The Virtuous Cycle of Sustainable Agriculture

The Virtuous Cycle of Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable business

BIOMIN is a part of ERBER Group, which has committed to sustainability by setting a goal to be carbon neutral by 2023.

Office buildings and production plants are equipped with solar panels, better insulation technologies and capabilites for using bagasse biofuel for heat and energy production. As a result, more than 90% of the energy demand is covered by renewable energy sources

BIOMIN world headquarters at ERBER Campus, equipped with an insulated building shell, groundwater heating and cooling, ventilation systems that include heat recovery and photovoltaic energy, is the first building in Austria to achieve platinum class LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the US Green Building Council. 

In addition to the implementation and certification of environmental management system ISO 14001, BIOMIN has carried out a full life cycle analysis (ISO 14040 & ISO 14044) to quantify the environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of all products.

ISO 14040
ISO 14001
BIOMIN became the first feed additive company worldwide to be fully certified under the Life Cycle Assessment of the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2011.

Sustainable solutions for producers

The main contribution of BIOMIN to sustainability is the application of our solutions in feed, water and livestock, which results in improved animal health and performance. 

Greater efficiencies gained through application of BIOMIN solutions result in a reduced environmental footprint, improved food safety and food security, reduced antibiotic use, and greater economic benefits. 

Our sales teams and technical support experts rely on local and global support to accompany clients through the process of identifying the right solution. The team ensures they have the knowledge and skills for successful implementation–part of a long-term partnership to deliver profitable results.

Carbon savings 

BIOMIN feed additives are designed to improve feed conversion and significantly reduce CO2 emissions in livestock production.

Comparative studies have shown that 1 ton of CO2 emitted in the manufacturing of Digestarom® yields an equivalent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by up to 128 tons in broiler production.

1 ton of CO2 to produce Digestarom® provides 128 tons of CO2 savings
Ammonia reduction

Ammonia reduction

Field trials trials have proven that the inclusion of Digestarom® in feed enhances feed conversion, improves weight gain and contributes to a significant reduction in ammonia emissions in grower and finishing pigs.

Antibiotic reduction

Providing natural solutions that support healthy animals is at the heart of our mission. 


Antibiotic Reduction

Antimicrobial use exerts selective pressure on bacteria populations. That pressure can lead to higher rates of antibiotic resistance, jeopardizing the effectiveness of antibiotics. 

In 2018, BIOMIN committed to expanding the reduction of non-medically necessary use of antibiotic feed solutions across the agriculture sector globally, as a part of The AMR Challenge.


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