Science & Solutions No. 50 - Aquaculture


Science & Solutions No. 50

Feed Innovation Success for BIOMIN in Fish-Free Feed Competition
BIOMIN and Htoo Thit Corp. won second prize in the Fish-Free Feed Contest that catalyzed the development and sale of competitive and viable fish-free aquafeeds around the world.

Phytogenics Deliver Better Performance in Low Fishmeal Shrimp Diets
In an effort to reduce costly, less sustainable fishmeal in aquafeeds, many producers are seeking more economical, alternative protein sources. Fishmeal reduction alone can compromise growth performance. Fortunately, supplementing diets with a phytogenic feed additive can recover some of this lost performance, improving bottom line results.

Worldwide Mycotoxin Occurrence in Plant Meals: A Real Risk to Aquaculture Development
Awarded ‘best poster by a PhD student’ at Aquaculture Europe 2017, held from 17-20 October in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a team of BIOMIN experts, led by Rui Goncalves, reveal the potential economic consequences of mycotoxins for the aquaculture industry.

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