Nutritional and Management Challenges and Solutions in Antibiotic-Free Swine Production

Antibiotic-free programs have been around for many years. Some programs are very successful. The success or failure of the program is dependent upon preventing pathogen entry and providing a nutrition program that focuses on boosting gut and systemic immunity. While many farmers do not use antibiotics in finishing and sow rations, starting newly weaned pigs with developing immune systems and changing intestinal tracts can be a challenge. Much research has been conducted looking at different methods for starting pigs to prevent enteric challenges and overcoming systemic pathogens. Recently, work is also focusing on ingredients that can be added to both sow and finishing diets to improve gut health and minimize pathogen transmission. The goal of today’s discussion is to focus on processes and nutritional programs to maintain good animal growth/reproduction performance and animal health while using antibiotic-free programs.

This video was recorded during the BIOMIN Symposium on Antibiotic-Free Livestock and Poultry Production: Challenges and Solutions (held prior to the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada in May 2017)